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We tailor make our services based on your specific requirements. In most cases we deal with the following situations:

  • Financial markets risk analysis and quantification.
  • Evaluating and developing hedging strategy.
  • Developing hedging policy and framework.
  • Negotiations with banks on new hedges and pricing.
  • Negotiations with banks on hedge restructuring and unwinding.
  • Expert advice on a complex transaction involving derivatives including cases involving potential mis-selling.
  • Independent derivatives valuation and CVA calculations including for fiduciary and accounting purposes.
  • Independent hedge effectiveness and hedge suitability and fairness opinion.
  • Negotiation of legal documents related to hedging, derivatives and structured investment products.
  • Counterparty risk management
  • Collateral management
  • Derivatives transaction review to identify potential mis-selling / facilitate redress / negoatiations
  • Anything else related to structuring, valuation and execution of hedging, derivatives and structured investment products.